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What is POS?

Point of Sale (POS) is a system which enables the user’s day-to-day activities such as selling items, purchasing items, keeping the information of customers or suppliers and so on to be more easy and reliable than usual and faster than ever. This system can be used starting from small to convience stores.

Customer/Supplier Management

Due to the nature of your business, you will need to keep the information of your customers and suppliers and get it back when necessary. You can keep this information inside our system and get it back within a few seconds.


When making a new sale or purchase, you can easily type item name/item code or scan item code with a barcode reader. For sale, you can sell items with two different prices (wholesale & retail), adding other charges, giving discount and so on. You can even search the sales by specific customer and the purchases by specific supplier. As our system can make a note on sales such as packed, delivered and so on, you can easily find out which needs to be packed, delivered and so on. This makes the system to become a suitable one for online shops. 

User Management

Our system lets the business owner to give two different levels to the staffs. This advantage leads to the ability to give or restrict access to the components of the system. (For example: Profit report is only available to the owner level not to the others.)

Data Backup

As we know how your data is important and critical to lose, our system is already built-up with data backup function which you can save your data to a secondary storage such as memory stick and hard disk by means of a few mouse-clicks.

Variety of Packages

A large variety of packages enable our users to choose an appropriate one due to the nature of their business. Thus, some users made a choice on “Basic Package” when they need to record only the daily sales and get sale reports while some users such as mini mart owners chose “Mini Mart Package” as they need to record more detailed information.

Additional Modules

Do you want only one or more functions despite from the whole package? Yes, we also provide additional modules for you. Additional modules are purchase module, consignment module, expense module, damage items module and so on. As an example, you can add “Consignment Module” as an addition if your shop is selling consignment items.

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