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What is ResPOS?

ResPOS is a system which will help the restaurant owners and staff members in managing orders, keeping records of sales and so on. With the help of reliable technologies, ResPOS will make your restaurant to be smarter, more quiet and increase the effectiveness.

Menu Management

Users with appropriate level can easily manage the menu items by adding new menus, modifying old menus and removing menus. Moreover, the menus can be set to appropriate kitchen or kitchens. As an example, BBQ menus can be set to BBQ kitchen.

Tablets Module

If you are looking for a smarter way to transfer customers' order to the kitchen, our tablet module will fulfill your needs. The waiters and/or cashier can transfer the ordered menus directly to the kitchens just by using simple steps on tablets or computer. 

User Management

Our system lets the business owner to give two different levels to the staffs. This advantage leads to the ability to give or restrict access to the components of the system. (For example: "Waiter" level users can only make orders meanwhile "admin" level users can do more such as managing menus.)

Data Backup

As we know how your data is important and critical to lose, our system is already built-up with data backup function which you can save your data to a secondary storage such as memory stick and hard disk by means of a few mouse-clicks.

Variety of Packages

A large variety of packages enable our users to choose an appropriate one due to the nature of their business. Thus, some users made a choice on “Basic Package” when they need to record only the daily sales and get sale reports while some users such as mini mart owners chose “Mini Mart Package” as they need to record more detailed information.

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